About Levo 2.4 SL

Levo 2.4 SL™ is a new broad spectrum Biological insecticide for use on a wide range of crops against a wide spectrum of Pests. Levo 2.4 SL™ shows excellent efficacy against many species of plant eating spider mites, yet it is able to discriminate and has a low mortality rate against beneficial insects and mites.

Levo 2.4 SL™ is a natural derivative from the plant Sophora flavescens, a well-known medicinal plant, widely used in various pharmaceutical formulations and traditional medicinal remedies. Levo 2.4 SL™ does not contain any synthetic ingredient and is therefore non-toxic to human and livestock and is environmental friendly.

Levo 2.4 SL™ has a very low residue index — This important character qualifies Levo 2.4 SL™ to be used in IPM programs as well as in Organic Agriculture and in other cases where low residue products are required.

Mode of Action

Levo 2.4 SL™ exerts its function mainly by direct contact as a stomach poison and has additional antifeeding and repelling effects. The natural active ingredient of Levo 2.4 SL™ is Prosular Oxymatine, as this is extracted and derived directly from the seeds of Sophora flavescens. Insects treated with Levo 2.4 SL™ display breath inhibition and motion imbalancesymptoms related to the Central Nerve System.

Levo 2.4 SL™ has a multiple mode of action:

  1. Levo 2.4 SL™ accelerates the Acetyl Cholinesterase enzyme's activity. Due to over activity of the enzyme the insect paralyses and its respiratory fails.
  2. Levo 2.4 SL™ results in the elevation of the phenol oxidase (PO) enzyme activity. Consequently, when this enzyme's activity increases without control, the insect paralyses and dies.
  3. Levo 2.4 SL™ causes a significant decrease in the activity of carbohydrate hydrolyzing enzymes activity; without it the insect digestive system fails and the insect paralyses.
  4. Levo 2.4 SL™ contains a complex of secondary metabolites, which act as a defender against microbial pathogens and invertebrate pests arming the plants against its parasites. Hence, protecting the plants for a longer period of time and making them less susceptible to secondary infections and pest reoccurrence.sss

Through various field studies it was proven that Levo 2.4 SL™ has a repellent and/or deterrent activity that results in a lower food intake by the insects.

Key Target Pests

Lepidoptera species such as Diamond-back moth
Spider mites


High efficiency against a wide range of pests.
Pest Resistance Management programs compliant.
Ideal for IPM program due to Levo 2.4 SLâ„¢ safety to Beneficials, such as Phytoseiulus sp. and bumblebees.
Low MRL Index.
Stimulates crop growth and general well-being, making plants less vulnerable.
Suitable for application as foliar pesticide as well as drenching with irrigation water.
Can be used in Biological and Organic agriculture.

Organic & non-organic

Sineria can provide Levo with or without organic certification. In few countries Levo is registered for organic farming, in some other countries Levo is registered for non-organic farming.